Jimmy Dimora witness gave him envelopes of cash

7:13 PM, Feb 8, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- A key witness in the Jimmy Dimora trial says he gave the then-Cuyahoga County Commissioner cash bribes in envelopes every two weeks.

Steve Pumper, who has already pleaded guilty to bribery, says he paid a total of $33,000 in cash bribes to Dimora, and kept a record of the transactions in his personal Quicken accounting software.

"I was pulling funds out of a couple of my banks, cash, and I was passing Mr. Dimora $2,000 to $3,000 cash every two weeks," Pumper testified Wednesday morning in Akron federal court.

"I'd go over to his house in the morning, stop in, and give him an envelope of cash."

The money came from a consulting fee Pumper received from developer Harvey Oppmann, who was trying to sell a garage he owned to Cuyahoga County for more than $5 million.

Pumper asked Dimora to speed up the purchase, which federal prosecutors say Dimora did.

Pumper admitted that he agreed to split the consulting fee with Dimora, but told Dimora the fee was $150,000 when it was actually $250,000.

"I told Jimmy I was going to make $150,000," Pumper said, from the witness stand, "and after half for taxes, that would leave about $75,000, and I would give him $35,000 out of what was left."

Pumper said the payments stopped on May 23, 2008, when Pumper was detained by the FBI.

At the time, he had told Dimora he still owed him $2,500, but Dimora insisted it was $5,000. "I had to go look at it, and it was $5,000 I owed him," Pumper said.


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