Exotic dancer testifies to 'sex work' with Dimora

6:50 PM, Jan 25, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- A woman testified Wednesday morning in federal court that she was at the Stonebridge condo "to perform sex work for Jimmy Dimora and Mike Gabor."

Rebecca Johnson of Akron was the first witness on the stand Wednesday morning.

She says she met and was financially supported by Kevin Payne, and that he hired her to go on a limousine to a casino in Windsor with Dimora, Gabor, and several others.

"On the bus we ate food, drank, danced ... but there were no (sex) sessions on the bus. But there was exotic dancing, stripping," Johnson said.

Johnson said there were "8 to 10 on the limo bus, and I remember that I was paid $50 by somebody on the bus for my panties. It was a request."

Johnson said she met Payne through a woman named Glitter Pussy, whose real name was Allyson Peterson.

Johnson said Peterson "invited me to work with her with one of her clients Kevin Payne. Sex work, but I only worked with her one time."

Johnson described the sex sessions as "a massage, a special dance, and some type of sex work that was pleasing to clients."

She testified that in August 2003, Payne also paid for her and another woman to get picked up at home by a limo in West Akron to attend an Indians game in a loge, then afterwards we went to a condo in Cleveland "where there were other people."

Johnson said "there were seven or eight people at the condo," and then she identified the people there as Robert Rybak, J. Kevin Kelley, Steve Pumper, Michael Gabor, and Frank Russo.

"I knew Kevin Kelley by name, face, and personality."

She testified that Gabor was at both the Indians game and the Stonebridge condo.

At the condo, she said "we drank, ate food, and had sessions, maybe five sessions."

She said it was "out in the open that we were there for sex," and "Kevin Payne paid for our time to show up. Kevin gave us $800 to show up. Allyson and I also got money from the men we had sessions with, a total of $2,200 and I got half of it."

Johnson admits that she had a daily cocaine and alcohol problem back then.

"In August, 2003, I had a drug and alcohol problem that was so severe that I wasn't able to stop.. I couldn't stop using the cocaine and drinking," she said

Dimora, 56, of Independence has been charged with more than 36 counts of bribery, conspiracy, and receiving kickbacks and has maintained his innocence.

Gabor, of Parma, has been charged with multiple counts of bribery and has pleaded not guilty.


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