Witness: Jimmy Dimora's Vegas bill was $41

8:16 PM, Jan 17, 2012   |    comments
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AKRON -- A Las Vegas casino host says Jimmy Dimora's four-day stay at the Mirage Hotel & Casino cost him $41.

Testifying for the prosecution, Ron Ellwood said he removed all other charges from Dimora's bill.

Ellwood said he "comped" room, food, and drink charges for Dimora and for Berea businessman Ferris Kleem because Kleem bet enough money during the April, 2008 stay to qualify for the privilege. 

Ellwood testified that Kleem used $200 cash and $17,500 in casino credits to place bets for nearly 14 hours. His table bets averaged $490 and he also placed more than $26,000 in bets on slot machines.

Dimora brought $4,700 in cash to the table and gambled for more than 21 hours during the four-day stay. He averaged $79 per bet and lost a total of about $700 at the Mirage.

Prosecutors allege that Kleem was trying to buy Dimora's influence by paying for much of the Las Vegas trip, and by buying Dimora other items before and after that vacation.

The government produced receipts for a refrigerator and a $1,100 television they say Kleem bought for Dimora and had delivered to his house.

They also showed the jury receipts for two Rolex watches. Dimora paid $2,000 cash and put the other $3,000 on his credit card for the first watch, which cost just over $5,000.

Ferris Kleem had previously said he gave Dimora the $2,000 cash to put toward the watch.

Ellwood testified he met Kleem in Cleveland at a Browns game, and that Kleem became well known in Las Vegas because of his betting.

Ellwood said Kleem's bets averaged about $500 and that he was not afraid to lose $30,000 per visit.


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