Frank Russo sentenced to prison

7:19 PM, Dec 15, 2010   |    comments
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Russo pleaded guilty to 21 corruption-related charges in September. He admitted taking more than $1 million in bribes to steer government contracts and hire political cronies.

At today's sentencing, prosecutors told the judge that Russo approached their office recently, expressing interest in cooperating in the ongoing investigation. 

This could mean he might be willing to testify against his long-time friend, County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora.  Russo refused to answer Meyer's questions as he arrived to court.

In addition to a lengthy prison term, Russo agreed to make restitution of nearly $400,000, including $75,000 to 8 different charities.

Russo will report to a federal prison next May, unless he and proseuctors cut a new deal that might repeal today's sentence, and reduce his prison in time in exchange for his possible cooperation.


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