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Court: Russo, McCafferty make requests of federal court

11:50 AM, Nov 24, 2010   |    comments
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McCafferty, 44, who was indicted Sept. 15 along with Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora, Robert Rybak, Jerry Skuhrovec, Michael Gabor and William Neiheiser, has asked the court to bifurcate -- a legal term meaning "separate" -- her case from Dimora's and the others.

All have pleaded not guilty.

Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Steven Terry, 58, was also indicted that day, pleaded not guilty, and is set for trial in the spring.

Diimora and McCafferty are facing September trials.

McCafferty, who lost re-election on Nov. 2, is temporarily off the bench, according to Ohio ethics law that requries any judge under indictment for a felony to step down temporarily.

She is still receiving her salary through the end of her term (Dec. 31) and a visiting judge has taken over hearing her cases.

McCafferty is facing one charge -- lying to the FBI while they were investigating her connections to Russo and Dimora.

Russo, 60, who pleaded guilty and will be officially sentenced Dec. 15 to almost 22 years in prison, asked the court Tuesday to allow him to go to Las Vegas Dec. 10-13 to attend a wedding, according to federal court records.

Russo has already received permission from the court to delay reporting to prison until May so he can be free for the births of two grandchildren.

As of Wednesday, the court has not ruled on either motion.


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