Cuyahoga County: Feds oppose Dimora's request for taxpayers to fund his defense

5:39 PM, Oct 21, 2010   |    comments
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The motion was filed Thursday in U.S. District Curt here.

Federal prosecutors said that Dimora has not exhausted his assets and that granting him a court-appointed lawyer now would be premature.

Dimora has not paid his attorneys, Richard Lillie and Gretchen Holderman, so far, according to Dimora's request.

The prosecutor's motion says that Dimora's motion, filed on Sunday, "makes clear that Defendant, in his effort to retain counsel, has not exhausted his available assets. For this reason, any motion for appointment of counsel is premature and should be denied, subject to re-examination once Defendant has exhausted his present assets."

Dimora's financial status was also filed as an exhibit in Sunday's motion but that is under seal.

"On page 7 of his motion, Defendant makes clear that, despite having liquid assets available, he has not paid his attorneys for their representation to date. Thus, it appears that Defendant is unwilling -- not unable -- to pay his attorneys," the motion reads.


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