Cleveland: Jimmy Dimora attends commissioners' meeting

4:45 PM, Sep 23, 2010   |    comments
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Dimora voted on about half the issues on the agenda. He recused himself from the rest, to comply with the court order.

Dimora did not receive his accustomed escort from the parking lot. As a condition set by a magistrate, Dimora is not allowed to speak to county workers without a lawyer present.

Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones shook Dimora's hand at the meeting.

Jones may have his own legal problems because of being ensnared in the Dimora probe.

Dimora knows the Democratic Party, the court of public opinion, and his colleagues want him to resign.

"I believe in myself. My family believes in me. My friends believe in me. People that know me believe in me. People have been great, " he said.

County Administrator Jim McCafferty said items were red-flagged to keep Dimora from voting on measures he was ordered to avoid.

There was none of the banter usually found in normal commission meetings. 

Commissioner Tim Hagan said, "It's been painful and distracting and disgusting. We'd like it to go away....It's awkward. Never mind we can't talk to him. It's hard to keep a civil tongue." 

Is Dimora concerned he could hurt Democratic candidates by staying in office?

"There shouldn't be any  kind of character assassination or stereotyping. I'm an individual. Everybody's an individual. They should run on their reputation...They don't have any contact with me. I don't have contact with them," he said.  

There are two commission meetings next week. Dimora plans to attend them.


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