Jimmy Dimora: In his own words

9:01 PM, Sep 15, 2010   |    comments
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Below are quotes in Dimora's own words on his arrest, his ongoing claim of innocence, and his plan to fight the charges.

"I'm not guilty, and I'm gonna defend it tooth and nail," Dimora told reporters Wednesday. 

"I really believe that I've done nothing wrong and the county audits have shown that. Taxpayers have not at one dollar had any loss of money for any decision I made."

"I believe you'll see, at the end of the case, once the evidence is produced from our side, that a whole lot of people got in trouble because others told lies, lies so they could cut deals with the federal government for less jail time."

"You have a lot of politics being played out here. And the latest -- I haven't read this -- they're saying Ed FitzGerald is in here [the indictment].  It's been a Republican witch-hunt right from the beginning."

"To taxpayers:  I've done nothing wrong. And they've not had any problem or loss of taxpayer money on any vote that I cast.  And we will show that in this process and court trial."


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