Investigator: Jimmy Dimora's sexual appetite drove deals

12:13 PM, Sep 16, 2010   |    comments
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Probably the best known deal involving sex revolved around an April, 2008 trip to Las Vegas -- paid for by contractors -- where Blaze Construction executive Ferris Kleem paid $1,000 for a hooker to service Commissioner Dimora.

But federal prosecutors added this tidbit today in the indictment: Following the trip, former county employee and Parma School Board member J. Kevin Kelley joked that Dimora was going to get "hives" all over his lips because of what he did with the "hooker."

Dimora replied, "If I get them, I am drinking out of everybody's cup when nobody is looking, so that everybody catches it, so it is a common disease that we are all going to catch together."

Amazingly, that pales in comparison to other sexual escapades prosecutors attributed to the commissioner.

First, there were the "Saturday Night adventures" Dimora had at the Stonebridge condominium complex on the west bank of the Flats.

Prosecutors said former County Engineer Chief of Staff Kevin Payne gave Dimora access to an apartment for personal use.  

In fact, according to the charges, it was a regular sex pad for Dimora and prostitutes hired by Payne. In return, Dimora helped Payne with engineer's office work voted on by the county commissioners.

Payne cut a deal, pleaded guilty, and is expected to testify against Dimora.

Then there's the corrupt conjugal visits in 2008 at hotels in Independence with a married woman, simply identified as "Public Employee 39." 

Prosecutors said Dimora traded sex for help getting the woman a job with a public pension.

The charges indicate that she at least liked the deal. Following one tawdry tryst, PE 39 told Dimora having sex with him, quote, "is a wonderful thing."

It took a while, but Dimora eventually came through with the job. The charges note that Dimora called "Public Official 13," believed to be Bedford Clerk of Courts Tom Day, 31 times before the woman was hired at Bedford Municipal Court.

What's more, like he did at Stonebridge, Dimora had somebody else foot the bill for the close encounters. Prosecutors said County Auditor's Office employee Michael Gabor, also charged today, paid for the rooms.

According to the indictment, after union boss Robert Rybak installed an ice machine in 2008 at Dimora's house, Rybak asked Dimora what else he needed.

Dimora said a woman, only he used a vulgar term, and said, "I ain't going to pay for no (expletive)." Rybak said, "Yeah, you'll  let Gabor, Kelley and me pay it for you."

Rybak followed that up by saying he didn't want to see Dimora go down like former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer, who was caught paying to visit a high-priced call girl and resigned in the wake of the scandal.

Four days later, when Rybak saw Dimora again, he said, "Remember Spitzer, if I go down, you're going down with me." 

Dimora replied, "We're all going down together, baby."


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