Jimmy Dimora arrest: Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones statement

6:46 PM, Sep 15, 2010   |    comments
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The handcuffs, ball and chains that have figuratively hindered the County and its 8,100 workers in their earnest efforts to move our community forward and meet the fundamental needs of our citizenry are now firmly and deservedly securing the limbs of those who have selfishly abused the public's trust.

Two years ago, Commissioner Tim Hagan and I called upon Jimmy Dimora to recuse himself from all official County business. Last year we called upon him to resign. I derive no personal satisfaction from today's occurrences. Had they been possessed of a shred of honor and concern for the citizens that they served, those arrested this morning would have resigned in 2008, saving the County millions of dollars in public expense and uncalculated anguish.

Nonetheless, we will survive this too as a community. Tim, the other County elected officials, our entire County team and I will continue to work, as we have since the FBI investigation became public 26 months ago, to make sure that the lifeline services which our residents have paid for and need will efficiently be delivered.


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