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County GOP chairman reacts to Dimora arrest

6:45 PM, Sep 15, 2010   |    comments
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"County Commissioner and former Chairman of the Cuyahoga Democratic Party Jimmy Dimora was arrested this morning by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, along with at least seven others, including two Cuyahoga Common Pleas Court Judges Bridget McCafferty and Steven Terry," Frost said.

"These arrests follow the charges against former County Auditor Frank Russo last week, and set a new low mark in sordid tale of Cuyahoga County corruption. The FBI has indicated that more arrests will be made throughout the day."

"Today's arrests allow the citizens of Cuyahoga County to begin to put the entrenched interests in the county behind us and move forward with the important work of reform that we started last November."

"Commissioner Dimora and the others arrested today have placed a black cloud over Cuyahoga County and have prevented our growth and development at a time when this county is suffering."

"Today the corrupt politicians who have held us back lost, and the people won."

Frost continued, "Since we certainly cannot count on Dimora and his co-conspirators to do the right thing and resign, I expect that Federal prosecutors are already looking at ways to have him suspended from office immediately."

"I implore the Federal prosecutors to move quickly on this front to allow the difficult work of transition to a new government to proceed."

"It is time for good Democrats, disgusted with what their leadership has wrought, along with others who have been disengaged, turned off by coarse politics and dirty politicians, to join with Republicans in a renewal and return to a system of bipartisan cooperation and work for the greater good."


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