FBI: 'Era of corruption coming to an end' regarding county probe

3:23 PM, Sep 9, 2010   |    comments
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With the filing of a 21-count information against Russo, and his subsequent resignation Thursday morning, the Special Agent in Charge of the Cleveland Divison of the FBI, issued a statement.

In it, C. Frank Figliuzzi said the "era of corruption" was coming to and end "because of the work of incredibly dedicated FBI agents, IRS agents, and federal prosecutors who will not rest until their work is done."

WKYC Cuyahoga County corruption probe stories

The FBI investigation into Cuyahoga County corruption first went public on July 28, 2008, when teams of agents totaling about 200 people under Figliuzzi's direction raided county offices, homes, and businesses.

The probe had been underway for approximately three years before the raids.

After the charges against Frank Russo were filed, the Special Agent in Charge of the IRS Criminal Divison also commented. Jose A. Gonzalez said in a prepared statement that "elected public officials hold positions of trust in the eyes of the public."

Gonzalez continued, "That trust is broken when these officials commit crimes. No public official gets a free pass to ignore tax laws, and the IRS Criminal Investigation unit works to ensure that everyone pays their fair share."


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