Cuyahoga County: Officials react to Frank Russo's resignation

1:52 PM, Sep 9, 2010   |    comments
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The following quotes were sent in written media releases.

Matt Dolan, Cuyahoga County Executive Candidate
"The indictment of Frank Russo is long overdue, but it's going to take a new mentality and face in County government to clean up the culture that Frank Russo created" said Dolan. "It's going to take someone that is not tainted by a connection to the current structure to lead that transformation."

Rob Frost, Chairman, Cuyahoga County Republican Party
"Frank Russo's resignation and indictment, coming on the heels of State Auditor Mary Taylor's performance audit, gives us the opportunity to move toward a fiscally sound, transparent and accountable democracy for the people of Cuyahoga County."

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