China, U.S. political campaigns show stark contrasts

6:47 AM, Aug 17, 2012   |    comments
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BEIJING -- The world's two biggest economies are entering the final stages of political campaigns to pick their national leaders. But that's where similarities in the politics of China and the United States end.

While American candidates wage loud, rah-rah campaigns with a clear timetable as they head toward the Nov. 6 presidential election, China hasn't even announced the date for this fall's Communist Party congress that will appoint the next top leader.

While U.S. candidates ricochet from one electoral appearance to the next, delivering speeches, shaking hands and kissing babies, China's future leaders are rarely seen outside of tightly scripted official appearances.

In recent weeks, they haven't been seen at all, as part of an arcane communist tradition that sends them to a leadership retreat for about a month.



The Associated Press

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