'The Bain Way' shapes Romney's running mate search

4:00 AM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON -- A businessman at his core, Mitt Romney was legendary in the private sector for relying on reams of information and conducting extensive research to decide which companies to take over.

When interviewing potential employees, he favored question-and-answer sessions designed to make recruits think on their feet.

Now, as the Republican presidential candidate weighs a running mate, it's a good bet that he's relying on that same methodical approach and interviewing style that he honed at Bain and Co., and the private equity firm he helped start, Bain Capital.

The style even has its own name: The Bain Way.

Judging by Romney's record when it comes to business and personnel choices, it's a process that could prove challenging for any of the prospective vice presidential nominees Romney scrutinizes.

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press

The Associated Press

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