Investigator Exclusive: Bedside Bandits target hospital patients and staff

8:16 PM, Jun 6, 2008   |    comments
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The Investigator Tom Meyer obtained police reports involving 16 local hospitals. At Parma Hospital, one man complained that an employee stole his wife's expensive anniversary ring right off her finger while she was a patient. She suffered from multiple sclerosis and died of pneumonia. He says hospital security and the administration brushed it off and told him to file a claim under his homeowners policy. Another patient, Nicole Janusek, says someone at Parma Hospital ripped off her honeymoon necklace and purse. She had been hospitalized for a month with a severe sinus infection that required surgery. The Investigator found crimes not just at Parma Hospital but at every hospital including University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic. Nurses' aid Herman Brown goes on trial next month on charges he sexually attacked 3 female patients at University Hospitals. Brown had a felony record and never should have been hired. Personal injury attorney Jack Landskroner says the problem is that hospitals rely on outside agencies to perform background checks and they don't always do a thorough job. Hospitals maintain that they're committed to providing a safe and secure environment for their patients and staff. Some went on to say they provide education to employees, patients, and visitors about the prevention of theft and other safety measures and carefully review security procedures on a continuous basis. Patients are advised to leave all valuables at home and in case of emergency, they should make sure loved ones know in advance to secure their personal possessions.


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