Investigator | State property reported missing or stolen

11:50 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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OHIO -- Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of state-owned property -- property you pay for -- has been reported missing or stolen.

A Channel 3 News investigation found the amount of missing or stolen items skyrocketed from $50,116 to $478,016 a year later.

The 482 items reported missing or stolen include:

  • shotguns
  • power saws
  • filing cabinets
  • televisions
  • portable radios
  • laptops
  • fax machines
  • cell phones
  • still cameras
  • camcorders
  • conference tables
  • scanners
  • projectors
  • printers

The agency that handles workers compensation appeals -- the Ohio Industrial Commission --  reported 87 items missing or stolen. That was the highest number from one agency.

Veterans Affairs came in second with 73. The Ohio Attorney General placed third with 59.

No one was able to explain why the dollar amount of missing or stolen property jumped dramatically in one year.

Taxpayers told Channel 3 News that state employees should be held accountable but not one agency has any record of an employee being disciplined or prosecuted for internal theft.  


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