Investigator: Suburban department head in hot water

6:12 PM, Jun 8, 2012   |    comments
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EASTLAKE -- The man who runs the Eastlake city Building Department is getting another chance to keep his job.

It was only a couple months ago that employees under department head John Stigalt were caught playing sex games, including the swapping of pornographic pictures.

Now comes word of an investigation by the Ohio Board of Building Standards into Stigalt. A plumbing contractor complained that he felt compelled to buy tools from Stigalt and that Stigalt expected an inexpensive hot water heater.  In exchange, Stigalt would make sure inspections were done extra fast.

"Why is he (Stigalt) still allowed to come to work?" asked one taxpayer.

Eastlake Mayor Ted Andrzejewski refused to comment. Stigalt did not return Channel 3's repeated phone calls.

The city and Stigalt agreed in writing that Stigalt could have been fired but Stigalt was allowed to sign a "last chance" agreement.  If Stigalt violates city policies again, he'll be fired.

The state's investigation cited Stigalt for misconduct, conflict of interest, and gross negligence among other things.   


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