Investigator: City Hall, firefighters meet over payroll abuses

1:33 PM, Dec 7, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Cleveland city safety brass and officials of the city's firefighters union are meeting this afternoon to discuss the city's new policy that's intended to eliminate potential payroll abuses.

The new policy will place limits on the trading of shifts. Trades must be submitted to the executive officer at least three days in advance and will limit trades to one shift every two weeks.

Firefighters will also be limited to the number of hours they can owe to a fellow firefighter.  

The new policy is a result of an internal audit that found some firefighters were paid for hundreds of hours they never worked.

A second audit is underway to determine how firefighters were allowed to cheat the sytem.  A police interal affairs investigation will determine if any criminal charges will be filed.


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