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Metroparks: Public indecency arrests increasing

7:28 PM, Nov 7, 2011   |    comments
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The man who once headed up the Cleveland Metroparks is headed to court this week. Vern Hartenburg is charged with "public indecency," after an undercover park ranger said he witnessed him exposing himself.

Hartenburg has retired as executive director of the Cleveland Metroparks and the  ranger headquarters there is named in his honor.

Metroparks rangers say they have zero tolerance for public indecency, everything from sexual activity to urinating in public.

Metroparks veteran Ranger Lt. Sean Flanagan said it is not harmless, it is not a victimless crime.

Flanagan says he's busted all types for lewd behavior, from "Clergy, high-ranking officials, CEOs, law enforcement..."

On Friday they arrested their former boss Hartenburg.

Rangers say they are on pace to arrest 33 percent more parkgoers for public indecency. They arrested 40 people through Sugust 2011, the same number of people they arrested all last year.


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