Investigator: Court fight over moving elderly abuse victim

6:21 PM, Jul 26, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- MetroHealth wants her out. The family wants her to stay put.

Esther Piskor, 78, has been physically abused by nurses' aides inside the Prentiss Center nursing home at MetroHealth Medical Center.

The abuse was caught on a hidden camera that Esther's son, Steve Piskor, placed inside Esther's room with the staff's knowledge.

The family went to court today seeking a temporary restraining order, trying to stop MetroHealth from moving Esther out of its facility.

The nursing home argues that Esther should be placed in another facility to ensure her safety and welfare. Steve Piskor says it doesn't make any sense.

MetroHealth disciplined eight employees based on abuse caught on the hidden camera. Now that MetroHealth has presumably cleaned house, Steve says they want to toss Esther out the door.

"Metro should be taking responsibility and stop being so defensive. My mother is the victim here, not Metro," Piskor said.

Family attorney David Krause says MetroHealth is giving Esther the boot to retaliate against the Piskor family for coming to Channel 3 to expose the abuse.

"We must make a decision," said Krause. "Are we going to take the elderly and treat them like cattle or are we going to make sure we honor their lives and make sure they're not going to get hurt?"

The family also says Esther should not be moved now because she has been hospitalized twice recently and relocating her would not be in her best interest.

MetroHealth says Esther need to be transferred to another facility because her son continues to question the care she is given at the nursing home.

A lawsuit filed today says the nursing home MetroHealth wants to move Esther to has been sued eight times in the past decade for negligent and/or inappropriate care.

The lawsuit also said it has been cited 11 times since 2008 during state licensing inspections.

Channel 3 news found that those violations have been corrected.

A hearing on the temporary restraining order is scheduled for Friday morning.


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