Investigator: City Hall takes action on Channel 3 hidden hazards probe

7:45 PM, Jun 1, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Top officials of Cleveland Public Power went before city council to present a written plan for exposing the hidden hazards Channel 3 News found on local sidewalks.

Last month, the Investigator Tom Meyer, with the help of a New Jersey-based company called Power Survey, found potentially deadly voltage coming off streetlights, manholes, fire hydrants and junction boxes.

Near St. Vincent Charity Hospital, 454 volts were found sparking off a light pole. 

That's enough power, said Power Survey CEO Tom Catanese for "killing an elephant."  Catanese called it one of the most dangerous cases of its kind in the country and the company has done testing in 50 cities.

CPP told city council's public utilities committee that it is launching a public awareness campaign this month to alert Clevelanders of the dangers of contact or stray voltage.

The utility also said it will either buy new technology to detect the hidden hazard or outsource the work.

CPP said the long-term plan to minimize this danger should be in place by September.


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