Former CSU cashier admits pocketing $173,000

7:02 PM, Apr 11, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Former Cleveland State University cashier Gayle Schmitz will be sentenced Friday on charges she stole $173,000 from the university.

Schmitz, 46, of Westlake, has been accused of forging signatures on money envelopes and office log books to make it seem that university athletic teams were receiving expense account money.

But Schmitz was pocketing the cash for about two years, starting in 2008, according to prosecutors.

An alert co-worker was supicious and reported the alleged thefts. The univesity says an audit turned up discrepancies, and a surveillance camera caught her stealing the money.

The university says the Westlake woman was supervised, but admitted nothing happened to her supervisor.

Schmitz has pleaded guilty to theft charges and has agreed to reimburse CSU all the money that was stolen.

A judge is expected to place her on probation Friday.    


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