Investigator Exclusive: Majority of callers unhappy with Mayor's Action Center

4:57 PM, Nov 10, 2010   |    comments
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But a survey conducted by Channel 3 News found the majority of callers are not satisifed with the city's response.

"On a scale of one to 10, horrible, a one," Tina Landrum said, when asked to grade MAC, the Mayor's Action Center.

Others, including Bob Woernley, were glad they dialed the Mayor's office for help. When Woernley complained about his high water bills, he said MAC employees delivered quick action and made sure adjustments were made.

"They didn't put me on hold and I didn't have to talk to a machine," Woernley said.

MAC received more than 7,000 complaints from July 1, 2009 to July 1, 2010.  Of the 200 people Channel 3 News spoke with regarding MAC, 76 -- or 38 percent -- were satisifed with MAC.

Another 10 -- or 5 percent -- said they were somewhat satisifed, and 114 -- or 57 percent -- were not satisifed.

Mayor Jackson defended the four employees who operate phone lines in the MAC, saying they do an outstanding job. He said any problems that might occur are a result of some city departments not  following up on complaints.

In other cases, Jackson says callers voice frustrations and opinions about issues that the city can't do anything about.

"Maybe their dissatisfaction is they didn't get what they wanted, but it doesn't mean they didn't get good service," Jackson said.

But a number of Clevelanders said they didn't get good service or results.

Pamela Cansler said she wasted her time trying to get MAC to do something about speeding vehicles on her street.  "I'm afraid for the safety of my children. They haven't responded," Cansler said.

The Mayor plans to roll out a 311 system which the city is experimenting with now in the departments of Parks and Recreation and Public Services.

Jackson said 311 would not replace MAC, but it would handle service-related calls and be able to track a caller's complaint  with more sophisticated technology.

311 call centers are in use by dozens of cities across the country.

Kay Woodard said nothing was done when she complained to MAC about a hole on her street. Woodard said the hole caused her to trip and injure her leg.

It wasn't until Channel 3 got involved that a city water crew was dispatched to fix the hole.

"I feel if I was in a better neighborhood they would have come to fix it sooner," Woodard said.    


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