Investigator Exclusive: Lawmakers say 'board crazy' Ohio wasting tax dollars

7:13 AM, Apr 9, 2010   |    comments
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"A lot of their work is duplicative, and its costing taxpayers money," State Representative Todd Book said.

Channel 3 News found 437 boards and commissions.

"The problem is we have too many boards and commissions in Ohio with too many individual staffs and executive directors for those boards and commissions," State Senator Tim Grendell said.

There is a board for barbers, and a separate board for beauty salons. Grendell wants to know why not have one board for both? 

Channel 3 News found five boards and commissions for Medicaid and six for medical.

There are boards for auctioneeers, employee awards, beekeepers, basketball tournaments, and ski tramways. Some lawmakers are calling for reforms.

"Every dollar matters and every dollar we spend needlessly is a dollar we shouldn't spend," Representative Book said.

The Insurance Agency Education Advisory council met this week in Columbus. When asked what impact it would have on taxpayers if the board was eliminated, Karen Vourvopoulos, of the Ohio Insruance Department, said,  "umm...umm...probably nothing."

Grendell says politics and patrongage stand in the way of trying to eliminate many boards and commissions.

"You have to have the will to restructure, and every one of those positions is part of the Holy Grail of Columbus," Grendell said.   


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