Investigator Exclusive: Most speeders don't get deal given to Cavs player

5:04 PM, Mar 19, 2010   |    comments
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A Channel 3 News review of speeding tickets filed in February in Rocky River Municipal Court shows most people ticketed for speeding did not get the reduced penalties Hickson received.

Hickson was cited for speeding three times in 5 months. The third time he was clocked at his fastest speed, going 95 in a 60 mile per hour zone on I-90.

Each time, Hickson was slapped with a $50 fine and no points on his license, even though he could have received up to 8 points on his license.

Motorists in Ohio are allowed up to 12 points in 2 years before facing license suspension.

Of the 64 tickets Channel 3 News examined, 61 of the motorists received stiffer penalties than Hickson. But city prosecutor Mike O'Shea argues that the kind of deal Hickson received is also available to the average driver.

"If you come into court and accept what you've done, we're always willing to modify your moving violation," O'Shea said.

That's news to four motorists we spoke with.

Clevelander Edwin Velazquez says he can't afford a lawyer or to miss a day of work so he paid a $75 fine and received 2 points on his license.

Hickson never appeared in court, but he had his lawyer show up and cut deals with the prosecutor.

Vaidwaite Dadbydeen, a full-time college student who works full-time, said she had no idea how the system works.

She said she barely has enough money to fill her gas tank at times. She can't afford a lawyer or to miss school and work.

She was fined $150 and given 2 points while travelling 15 miles per hour slower than Hickson.

Roselyn Rivera, of Cleveland, also got hit with 2 points and a $100 fine for doing 78 in a 60 mph zone.

"I don't think it's fair they cut breaks to anyone just 'cause they're famous and they have money," Rivera said.

Hickson didn't talk about his tickets specifically. He apologized and said he learned his lesson.


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