Ribbon cutting opens Global Center for Health Innovation

3:34 PM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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A first-person preview from inside by WKYC's Stephanie Coueignoux:

CLEVELAND -- A special VIP ribbon cutting ceremony for the Global Center for Health Innovation was held this afternoon.

The center -- previously known as the Medical Mart -- focuses on cutting-edge medical technology and the companies that make it.

The center will open to the general public in February, but WKYC had a sneak peek inside.

I have to say, the space itself is incredible.

You walk into this four story, modern structure full of natural light, and you feel feel like the building itself is cutting edge.

And (no surprise) it actually is!

Global Center spokesman, Dave Johnson, says the building is eco-friendly and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

In fact, there aren't even any on-site air conditioners or heaters because hot and cold air are pumped into the building via underground pipes from a local power plant.

The entire side of the building facing Mall B is made out of glass, which also helps to heat the building.

Since the building sits along Lakeside Avenue, it should exeprience a lot of lake effect weather.

In fact, architects have built a system that collects rain to help water the acres of grass surrounding the building.

But what the building houses is even more impressive.

When the building is opened to the public in February, about 25 health industry companies will call it home.

They'll each have their own area to explain who they are, what products they make, and how this technology is helping to improve the healthcare industry.

Right now, four different companies have already built out their space to display their products and equipment.

I had a chance to go up to the fourth floor, which houses the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society -- or HIMSS, for short.

It displays the different IT companies and their products, but more than that, it has what Johnson calls "the hearbeat of the building."

HIMSS has a simulation system that allows companies to test how well their products can communicate with other medical IT products.

In an age when people are more global than ever, products that allow a doctor in the United States to pull up information from Europe or Asia are essential.

If a product passes the HIMSS simulation, the company will get certified.

Once the building opens in February, the general public will be able to walk throughout the building, meet these companies, look at these products, and learn what's next on the horizon for the healthcare industry.


The Global Center means jobs. With dozens of companies coming here to Cleveland, more people are moving here, and more people are investing.

It also means recognition.

Johnson says their goal is to establish the Global Center, and Cleveland as THE destination for medical technology and innovation.


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