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Watch out for online scammers when health exchange opens

12:27 PM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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When the Health Insurance Market Exchanges open Tuesday to help millions get health coverage, experts predict criminals will be fishing for credit card and bank account numbers too.

"This might be the opportunity of the decade for the phishers," says internet security expert, Bob Sullivan.

Expect the crooks to dress up emails to look legitimate and entice you to click on links that lead to no good.

"So if you get an email that says "Do this or you're gonna lose your benefits", there's a pretty decent chance you're gonna click on that and look into it," says Wade Baker of the Verizon RISK team.

So if you're signing on, now is the time to be vigilant.  Remember the government will not call you, email you or knock on your door to get you to sign up for health insurance.

"If it's unsolicited, comes from someone you don't know, that should be an automatic flag. If it's poorly written, that's another flag," Baker says.

Another thing that will help people: Everytime you go to one of these websites, go up to that address bar and type it manually and re-login that way. Don't use any links sent out by anybody," Sullivan says.


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