Ohio considering banning minors from tanning beds

6:00 PM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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BAY VILLAGE  -- Many tanning salons say minors are seasonal customers they usually see around school dance time, but Jim Faia, owner of Fast Tan in North Olmsted, says the kids are the ones who do their homework.

"In the last twelve years, kids are tanning more responsible than adults," Faia says.

Under current law, minors need a parent's permission to use a tanning bed but if House Bill 131 passes, they'll need a doctor's prescription and that won't be easy to get.

Some medical conditions, like psoriasis and eczema, are treated with light therapy. But Dr. Margaret Mann, a University Hospitals dermatologist, says not from a tanning bed.

"I don't write them a prescription to go to a tanning salon. We actually do it in a doctor's office so it's supervised, it's safe," Dr. Mann says.

She hopes HB 131 passes because she says she's seeing younger patients developing deadly melanoma, often linked to sun exposure.

"Statistics show that people under 30, if they get regular routine tanning bed use, they're about 75 percent more likely to get a melanoma down the road," Dr. Mann says.

The bill is currently in committee. It also includes regulating salons that offer spray tans as well.














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