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Consumer Minute: Stop catalog spam, save at the gym

9:02 PM, Jan 2, 2013   |    comments
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The Internal Revenue Service is reviewing tax legislation passed by Congress and will decide when we can all start filing our taxes. The filing is scheduled to start this month, but several provisions affecting 2012 tax returns weren't addressed until Tuesday. President Barack Obama says he will sign the bill to complete those provisions. After the IRS reviews the bill, they'll let us know when we can file our taxes and get those tax returns.

Did you resolve to join a gym this year? Make sure you don't throw away your money. Men's health magazine compiled some ways to save money. For one, pay as you go instead of monthly. That could save you hundreds of dollars over a couple years. Ask the manager to negotiate the monthly price or waive the enrollment fee. And if you're a procrastinator, resolve to join a gym in March. Rates will probably go down after the holiday rush.

You probably shopped online and now strange catalogs are showing up at your home, even ones for stores you never set foot in. There's a website, endorsed by national media and consumer groups, called Once creating a simple account, with an email address and password, a consumer can enter their address, search for the unwanted catalog, and with one click, request to have delivery stopped. To create your own account, click on


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