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Cleveland: Radio host regains voice after unusual procedure

1:49 AM, Jan 16, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Jenn Ryan was out of options. Not since Thanksgiving had she been able to speak normally after a tough bout with bronchitis.

Ryan, morning co-host on WKDD-98.1 in Akron, hadn't been able to hold a conversation let alone show up for work. Her raspy, often garbled whisper was so bad that it was painful for others to hear her struggle. Some listeners even questioned whether a sore throat could really last so long.

Ryan knew she wasn't exaggerating.

After trying antibiotics and steroids, along with lots of hot drinks and "trusted family recipes", Ryan heard from a listener about an unusual procedure at the Cleveland Clinic and opted to give it a try.

Dr. Claudio Milstein diagnosed that Ryan's vocal cords had literally moved out of position because of the hard coughing related to her bronchitis.

After viewing her throat with a special camera, Milstein used his hands in what he calls being a "chiropractor for the throat" to physically move Ryan's vocal cords back in to position.

Within minutes, Ryan said her voice returned and she could speak normally. She couldn't believe her ears when her long-lost voice was suddenly back.

Milstein said his procedure has tremendous benefits to those who struggle to speak, including some who haven't spoken in decades. Since the procedure can be done without surgery, patients recover faster.

Ryan said she feels close to 100 percent after more than seven weeks of whispering. With Milstein's approval, she hopes to return to WKDD later this week.


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