Lifebanc Stories: Thankful for Life's Blessings

11:59 AM, Jan 18, 2013   |    comments
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 For Paul P. Fischer, life's journey has been an up and down experience. Scarlet fever or possibly rheumatic fever during his childhood years damaged his aortic valve. Even with a detected heart murmur, Paul was able to maintain a normal lifestyle and could participate in strenuous physical activity.

In 1993, Paul's cardiologist advised him to have his aortic valve replaced. Now, Paul had a valve from a donor in place of his damaged one. Paul remembers: "What a blessing! Not only did I receive an extension of time, but it was quality time–no anti-rejection medication or blood thinners required. I was on top of the world." It was back to a healthy lifestyle at a full physical level.

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