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Fighting Fat: Kickoff to year-long program

6:06 PM, Apr 4, 2010   |    comments
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Lisa Holocker was one of 15,000 people in Cuyahoga County who signed onto the Go Fit program this year.  She got a free three month gym membership at the YMCA to kickstart her weightloss and dropped 15 pounds.

"I've been struggling with the weight struggling and i need structure to work out," Lisa says.

She's not alone.  Nearly a third of Ohioans are obese. The state has the tenth highest rate of adult obesity in the nation.  That's why we're putting a year long focus on five people who are taking steps to make healthy lifestyle changes. Lisa is one of them.

"I'm tired of being this way and i want to change, I have no health problems, I am very fortunate," Lisa says.

And she wants to stay that way. Just like Steve Johnston. He's about to turn 50, the same age his mother was when she died of cancer. 

"I was just heading toward heart attack, diabetes all negative things and I had to make a turn in that road and I know it was going to be a long slow one but I had to at least be going in that direction for me to feel better about myself," Steve says.

We received dozens of emails from viewers who wanted us to tell their stories.   Like Steve and Lisa, the five we chose, know they have a long journey ahead, but they're already on the right road.  Hopefully their stories will inspire others to get started. And you'll learn ways to kick start your own goals as we follow them on air and on line. Fighting Fat segments will air every monday at 6pm.

The Plain Dealer will have a series of articles all this week and WCPN 90.3  will air a series of reports every day during their daily "Morning Edition."



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