Ohio Governor (D)
Last Updated: May-07-2014 09:09 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Precincts Reporting: 99%
Edward FitzGerald
Race winner
Larry Ealy
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 Cuyahoga Issue 7 - County Sin Tax
Last Updated: May-07-2014 09:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Precincts Reporting: 100%
Race winner
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 Cuyahoga County Executive (D)
Last Updated: May-07-2014 09:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Precincts Reporting: 100%
Armond Budish
Race winner
Shirley Smith
Timothy Russo
Bob Reid
Thomas O'Grady
Walter Rodgers, Jr
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 Ohio Governor (D)
 U.S. House District 6 (D)
 U.S. House District 9 (R)
 U.S. House District 13 (D)
 U.S. House District 14 (R)
 U.S. House District 16 (D)
 Ohio State Senate Dist 21 (D)
 Ohio State Senate Dist 23 (R)
 Ohio State Senate Dist 25 (D)
 Ohio State Senate Dist 27 (R)
 Ohio State Senate Dist 29 (R)
 Ohio State House Dist 8 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 9 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 10 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 11 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 12 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 14 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 34 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 35 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 63 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 64 (D)
 Ohio State House Dist 69 (R)
 Ohio State House Dist 70 (R)
 Ohio State House Dist 75 (R)
 Ohio State Issue 1
 Schools Aurora
 Schools Beaver
 Schools Brooklyn
 Schools Brunswick
 Schools Claymont
 Schools Cloverleaf
 Schools Danville
 Schools Dover
 Schools Edison
 Schools Elyria
 Schools Fairless
 Schools Field Local
 Schools Green
 Schools Jackson
 Schools Jefferson County JVS
 Schools Keystone
 Schools Kirtland
 Schools Lexington
 Schools Madison
 Schools Manchester
 Schools Mogadore
 Schools New Philadelphia
 Schools Newbury
 Schools North Royalton
 Schools Northwest
 Schools Norwalk
 Schools Olmsted Falls
 Schools Osnaburg
 Schools Parma
 Schools Perkins
 Schools Ravenna
 Schools Rittman
 Schools Riverside
 Schools Rootstown
 Schools Sandusky
 Schools Shaker Heights
 Schools Sheffield Lake 6.22 mills
 Schools Sheffield Lake 7.55 mills
 Schools Southeast Local
 Schools Triway
 Schools Tuscarawas Valley
 Schools United
 Schools Wellington
 Schools Wellsville
 Schools West Branch
 Schools Willard
 Schools Woodridge
 Ashland County Commissioner (D)
 Ashland County Commissioner (R)
 Ashtabula Common Pleas Judge (D)
 Ashtabula Probate Court Judge (D)
 Ashtabula County Commissioner (D)
 Ashtabula County Commissioner (R)
 Ashtabula County Children Services Bd. .5 mill
 Ashtabula Northwest Ambulance Dist .5 mill
 Ashtabula Ashtabula City Police 2.5 mills
 Ashtabula Conneaut Fire 1.5 mills
 Ashtabula Conneaut Library 1.9 mills
 Ashtabula GOTL Fire and EMS 1.78 mills
 Ashtabula North Kingsville Roads Inc. Tax
 Ashtabula Roaming Shores Water 1.5 mills
 Ashtabula Roaming Shores Police 3 mills
 Ashtabula Andover Twp .5 mill
 Ashtabula Ashtabula Twp Police 1 mill
 Ashtabula Colebrook Twp Roads 1.9 mills
 Ashtabula Dorset Twp Roads 1 mill
 Ashtabula Dorset Twp Recreation 1.5 mills
 Ashtabula Lenox Twp 1 mill
 Ashtabula Lenox Twp Roads 2 mills
 Carroll Rose Twp Roads
 Carroll Carrollton Electric Aggregation
 Carroll Minerva Vil. Parks and Rec
 Columbiana County Commissioner (D)
 Columbiana East Liverpool Fire
 Columbiana Madison Twp Roads 2 mills
 Columbiana Madison Twp Roads .5 mill
 Cuyahoga County Executive (D)
 Cuyahoga County Council Dist 9 (D)
 Cuyahoga Ohio Appellate Judge Dist 8 (D)
 Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge (D)
 Cuyahoga Common Pleas Domestic Judge (D)
 Cuyahoga Common Pleas Domestic Judge (R)
 Cuyahoga Issue 7 - County Sin Tax
 Cuyahoga Garfield Heights Zoning
 Cuyahoga Maple Heights Inc. Tax
 Cuyahoga Pepper Pike Fire/EMS 4 mills
 Cuyahoga Seven Hills Public Service .5 mill
 Cuyahoga Strongsville Current Exp. 1.5 mills
 Cuyahoga Strongsville Zoning
 Erie Erie MetroParks
 Erie Margaretta Twp .5 mill
 Erie Castalia Vil. Current Exp. 4.66 mills
 Geauga County Commissioner (R)
 Geauga County Auditor (R)
 Geauga Burton Library
 Geauga Geauga County Mental Health
 Holmes Clark Twp Roads
 Huron County Commissioner (R)
 Huron Tri County Ambulance Dist
 Huron Wakeman Vil. Inc Tax
 Huron Clarksfield Twp Current Exp .4 mill
 Huron Clarksfield Twp Roads .9 mill
 Lake County Commissioner (R)
 Lake Common Pleas Judge (D)
 Lake Lake Metroparks
 Lake Madison Vil. Police
 Lake Perry Vil. Inc Tax
 Lake Perry Vil. Gas Aggregation
 Lake Timberlake Vil. Current Exp 3.6 mills
 Lake Timberlake Vil. Current Exp 5.8 mills
 Lake Timberlake Vil. Current Exp 4.6 mills
 Lake Concord Twp. Fire
 Lake Leroy Twp Fire
 Lorain Elyria Public Library
 Lorain Lorain Port Authority
 Lorain Lorain County Crime Lab
 Lorain Lake County Transit
 Lorain Avon Lake Gas Aggregation
 Lorain Lorain City Inc. Tax
 Lorain North Ridgeville Roads
 Lorain North Ridgeville Ambulance
 Lorain North Ridgeville Library
 Lorain Oberlin Inc. Tax
 Lorain Sheffield Lake Police and Fire
 Lorain Brownhelm Fire and EMS
 Medina Common Pleas Judge (R)
 Medina Medina County Gas Aggregation
 Medina Brunswick Roads
 Portage County Commissioner (D)
 Portage County Commissioner (R)
 Portage Common Pleas Probate Judge (R)
 Portage Mantua-Shalersville Fire Dist
 Portage Portage Park Dist
 Portage Aurora Zoning
 Portage Brimfield EMS
 Portage Paris Twp Current Exp.
 Portage Randolph Twp EMS
 Richland County Commissioner (R)
 Richland Franklin Twp Current Exp
 Richland Plymouth Twp Fire
 Richland Troy Twp Cemeteries
 Stark Sheriff (D)
 Stark Meyers Lake Vil. Roads
 Stark Waynesburg Vil. Police
 Stark Minerva Parks and Rec
 Stark Osnaburg Twp Zoning
 Stark Pike Twp Police
 Stark Marlboro Twp Police
 Stark Perry Twp Roads
 Summit County Council-at-Large (D)
 Summit County Council-at-Large (R)
 Summit Bath Twp Parks
 Tuscarawas Joint Union Cemetery
 Tuscarawas County Library
 Tuscarawas Dennison Vil. Current Exp
 Tuscarawas Strasburg Vil. Inc Tax
 Tuscarawas Sugarcreek Fire and EMS
 Tuscarawas Uhrichsville Inc Tax
 Tuscarawas Franklin Twp Roads
 Tuscarawas Lawrence Twp Gas Aggregation
 Tuscarawas Lawrence Twp Electric Aggregation
 Tuscarawas Perry Twp Current Exp
 Wayne County Commissioner (R)
 Wayne Congress Vil. Current Exp.
 Wayne Chippewa Twp Police