Columbus: Two charter schools shut down

6:12 PM, Oct 21, 2013   |    comments
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COLUMBUS -- Two Columbus charter schools have been shut down by the Ohio schools superintendent for their poor performance and operation.   

The Talented Tenth Leadership Academy for boys and the Talented Tenth Leadership Academy for girls, both located near northeast Columbus and sponsored by the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center, were closed for health and safety reasons following several visits from department employees. 

According to reports, the schools were inadequately staffed and did not provide the proper level of supervision. 

Meals were not served at regular times and often were purchased at fast food restaurants. 

There are reports of several significant fights, thefts and property damage. 

"The sponsor of these two schools failed to provide the proper oversight and make sure the schools were upholding their commitment to provide a safe environment for students to be educated," said State Superintendent Richard Ross. "They did not ensure the safety of the students, they did not adequately feed the students, they did not accurately track the students, and they were not educating the students well. It is unacceptable and intolerable that a sponsor and school would do such a poor job. It is an educational travesty." 

The North Central Ohio Educational Service Center is the sponsor for 21 other community schools in Ohio.  

In addition, several of the community schools sponsored by the North Central Ohio Educational Service Center owe money to the state of Ohio for funding they received based on inflated enrollment estimates. 

One of those schools is the Learning Innovation Academy of Parma Heights. 

The Ohio Department of Education says the Learning Innovation Academy never opened, and owes the state $91,250.  

"The Ohio Department of Education, the community school sponsors and the community schools must do a better job of making sure students who attend these schools receive a high-quality education," Ross added. "Every boy and girl in Ohio deserves a first-rate education."


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