Shaker Heights HS seniors react to Washington gridlock

5:59 PM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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SHAKER HEIGHTS -- High school seniors are watching what is happening in Washington, and it makes them nervous.

In Ms. Owens' AP Government class at Shaker Heights High School, students have been keeping a close eye on the political gridlock.

"It gives me less hope for the future," says Mia Wang, a Shaker senior.

These students have been designing political cartoons in class, and talking about political procedure.

"The fact they can't compromise is really pretty silly," says Patrick Reed, a senior.

These students work together in this class and other classes every day, and are graded in the Model United Nations for resolving conflicts.

"I worry about the economics of it all, and whether there will be jobs for us in the future," says Dayzia Gadson.


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