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Indiana court: School vouchers give parents choice

11:34 AM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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INDIANAPOLIS  --  The Indiana Supreme Court says the state's school voucher law primarily benefits families, not schools or religious institutions.

The court upheld the law Tuesday. The justices rejected the argument that the law violates the state constitution's ban on public funds going to religious institutions, saying any benefit to religion was incidental.

The ruling says parents are the main ones who benefit from the law because it gives them choice in their children's education.

The Indiana case has received national attention because the program has wide eligibility. Middle-class families can participate in Indiana, while in most states, such programs are limited to low-income families or those in failing schools.

Jeff Reed of the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice says 530,000 Indiana students qualify for vouchers. About 9,000 receive them.


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