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Strongsville: What both sides want out of contract

7:05 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: Existing Agreement  PDF Document: BOE.LastBestOffer.2013 03 02
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  • STRONGSVILLE -- Before the teachers' strike began Monday, the Strongsville Education Association and the Strongsville School Board of Education spent seven months in negotiations over a new teachers' contract.

    Strongsville City Schools posted the last contract with the union, the board's proposal, and what they say is the union's proposal on the district's website for the public to examine.

    We have all three listed in our links on this page. 

    Here are some of the big sticking points on each side:

    • On pay: the Board of Education wants to keep in place a 2011 freeze in the schedule of salary raises, which is based on teaching experience and years with the district.
    • On pay: the Strongsville Education Association (SEA, the teachers' union) wants the schedule for raises restored to what they should be, had the freeze never taken place.


    • On reduction of force: the Board of Education wants to eliminate seniority when it comes to reducing workforce, or layoffs.
    • On reduction of force: the SEA wants seniority to play a role in reduction of workforce, unless a teacher is deemed "ineffective"


    • On class size: there was no limitation for class size in the last contract between the union and the school board, and the Board of Education has not added an article addressing class size in their latest proposal.
    • On class size: the SEA wants to limit class sizes. The teachers are also asking for more planning and prep time during the school day.

    Another discrepancy is over benefits. The Board of Education is asking teachers to pay more of their premiums for insurance coverage.


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