Did you know? Facts about Issue 107 and CMSD

8:31 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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Channel 3 is joining many other individuals, businesses and organizations throughout Northeast Ohio in educating voters about the impact that a strong school system will have on the economic future of our region.

Here are some facts about Issue 107 and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District that you may not have known about.

1. Did you know the last time a levy passed for the Cleveland schools was 16 years ago in 1996?

2. Did you know Mayor Frank Jackson graduated from Max Hayes High School?

3. Did you know while the graduation rate for Cleveland students is up, it right now sits at 63%?

4. Did you know the state of our schools directly impacts the economic health of our region?

5. Did you know that kids who graduate from high school contribute an average of $26,000 to the economy? Those who don't graduate cost the system $9,000 annually.

6. Did you know the Cleveland Teachers Union stands behind Issue 107?

7. Did you know 80% of good jobs demand postsecondary education?

8. Did you know Mayor Jackson, school and union leaders, teacher, parents, businesses, the Governor and the state legislature have agreed on the right plan for change?

9. Did you know CMSD has opened 14 high quality schools and sponsored six charter schools?

10. Did you know in the last two years, the CMSD has cut more than $114 million?

11. Did you know from 2011-2013, CMSD's state funding was cut by $55 million and federal funding was cut by $84 million?

12. Did you know all CMSD staff have had pay cuts over the last 3 years.

13. Did you know the Cleveland Plan and levy will help attract and retain excellent teachers and leaders?

14. Did you know the Cleveland Plan and levy will replace failing schools with new, high quality ones?

15. Did you know the Cleveland Plan and levy will base teacher and principal pay more on performance?

16. Did you know the Cleveland Plan and levy will make the school year longer for students who need it most?

17. Did you know the Cleveland Plan and levy will make sure all graduates are college, career and/or workforce ready?

18. Did you know approximately half of CMSD property taxes are paid by businesses?

19. Did you know that to guarantee action and accountability, the levy will expire in 4 years unless it is renewed or replaced by voters?

20. Did you know the cost of this 15 mill levy is 63 cents on a $50,000 property?

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