Cuyahoga County Jail inmates can now take GED test behind bars

7:48 AM, May 9, 2011   |    comments
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Cuyahoga County Jail Inmates taking GED test

CUYAHOGA COUNTY -- Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid wants to reduce the rate of re-offenders at the jail, which currently stands at more than 80%.

He hopes by offering the GED test it will give inmates the tools to succeed outside of jail.

Project Learn has been a part of the jail for more than 20 years but this the first time inmates are able to take the GED test behind bars. About 50 inmates are currently taking the course and test.           

"So since they are here and we have what would be considered a captivated audience. Give them the project, give them the tools to take the test and give them the test," says Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bob Reid.

Inmate Tevon Rease says he never finished high school because he got arrested. He is now serving a six month sentence for a probation violation on attempted robbery charges.

The 19 year-old says he wants to make a fresh start when he gets out of jail.

"I want to better myself a little bit while I am in jail. So I can come out a step ahead than I was when I went down. This is not a place I want to come back to. Life is better than this," says Rease.


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