Fit Friday: P90X plyometric moves you can do at home

8:22 AM, Feb 5, 2010   |    comments
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On Fit Friday, Maureen Kyle went to a class offered at CSU that uses some of the tricks that will get you in shape.

"It's based off of P90X, which is a very popular workout program.  Plyometrics is a part of that; it's probably the most dynamic of a cardio workout that they'll do. There's no weights, there's no real equipment necessary, all you need is a space to jump up and down," says Paul Schumacher.

Schumacher teaches a Plyometrics class at Cleveland State's Recreation center. Plyometrics involves fast movements and jumps.

"The idea is that you're contracting the muscle and then you're explosively moving the muscle fast which is what develops power and strength."

The movements trigger your heart rate and stability will strengthen your muscles.

"In this class and in most classes you're going to start off really slow.  You're just going to have some of the deep lunges which you can just stand there and lunge and you can do it at your desk for that matter, so its very low impact and you start slow."

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