Green teacher loses weight, promotes health to students

8:30 AM, Oct 16, 2013   |    comments
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GREEN -- Ryan Flinn is a kindergarten teacher in the Green School District and was chosen as their "Teacher of the Year" just last year.

At 6'4," this gentle giant is teaching all of us how to make a change.

"I felt guilty preaching healthy eating choices to my students and not making those same choices," Flinn says. "I know they watch everything I do and  I needed to be a better role model. I knew I had to have a goal. A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Flinn set a goal that hit close to home and has lost 50 pounds in four months.

"My family and I have a trip to Disney planned for this November and I realized I couldn't get on any rides with my son at 307 pounds. I made a promise to my wife, son and myself that I would get healthy."

There are a lot of programs, techniques and diets out there. We at Channel 3 are welcoming all success stories and want to know how each "Cleveland Biggest Loser" took off the weight.

Flinn decided on Lifestyles at Akron General Health Center.

"Lifestyles of Green has been a life changer," Flinn explains. "I didn't work out or exercise before I chose this path to a better lifestyle. I drank six diet pops a day and ate pizza several days a week. My evening snack every night was a bag of skittles. I needed to change. I am a kindergarten teacher and had a hard time tying my students shoes without being out if breath."


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