Police: Have you seen East Cleveland suspect's car?

7:15 PM, Jul 31, 2013   |    comments
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East Cleveland Investigation


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East Cleveland Murders
Friday: One body found in garage at Shaw and Hayden Avenues.
Suspect: Michael Madison, 35, arrested after bried stand off
Saturday: Two more bodies discovered nearby
Sunday: Searchers told to expect to find more remains
Monday: Police ID Angela Deskins as one of the victims
Monday: Michael Madison charged with murder and kidnapping

EAST CLEVELAND -- The police here are asking the public to call 1-800-CALLFBI if they have seen this vehicle in their neighborhood or on the road.

It is a 2-door, brown vehicle with blackwall tires. No make or model was provided.

It is now in an impound lot but belonged to East Cleveland murder suspect Michael Madison. Madison has been charged with the murders of three women. He was arraigned Wednesday morning and will be back in court at 9 a.m. Aug. 6.

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The bodies of the victims -- Shetisha Sheeley, Angela H. Deskins and Shirellda Terry -- were all found in the same East Cleveland neighborhood earlier this month.

Their bodies were wrapped in plastic. The medical examiner determined Deskins, 38, and Terry, 18, had been strangled. The cause of death for Sheeley, 28, could not be determined and was listed in the medical examiner's report as "homicidal violence by unspecified means."

Police are hoping someone has seen this vehicle and that, if there are more bodies to be found, that the police could pinpoint an area.


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