Former Maple Heights police officer accused of excessive force

1:12 PM, Jun 28, 2013   |    comments
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MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Former Maple Heights Police Officer Alexander Casey is accused of displaying excessive force for the second time in five years.

The most recent case involves an FBI employee whose arm was allegedly broken by Casey during an altercation inside a Maple Heights recording studio.

In exclusive police video obtained by Channel 3, the FBI employee, whose name was omitted, details what happened inside.

Interviewing Officer: "What happened here?"

FBI Employee: "The cop kicked me."

Interviewing Officer: "What am I looking at? The scrape?"

FBI Employee: "No, not the scrape. He kicked me in the arm while I was on all fours and I was trying to get down, and I guess I wasn't getting down fast enough."

Interviewing Officer: "Is that bruised?"

FBI Employee: "It look like it's broke."

According to court documents Casey, "acted excessively and he deliberately kicked the FBI employee in the right arm, breaking it."

Upon reviewing the other case filed, it was discovered this was not the first time an excessive force complaint had been levied against Casey.

Abram Williams came face-to-face with Officer Casey five years ago during a traffic stop in Maple Heights.

"Casey started kicking me while I was down so I got into a fetal position," explained Williams.

He recalls being kicked repeatedly by Casey to the point where another officer had to intervene.

"I remember him telling Casey to stop, to get back, this was before the supervisor even gave the command for him to stop," said Williams. "He was proud of what he done to me."

Williams filed a federal complaint against the city and Casey which was settled out of court in 2011.

Now reliant on a walker to move around, he says he thinks of Casey often.

"Maybe now someone will take actions personally against him where he's really held accountable for the things that he done," said Williams.


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