Police: Lice-infested women went 'shopping' at Walmart

8:32 PM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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BRIMFIELD -- Police here said two women from Akron went on a late-night "shoplifting" trip to Walmart.

Police said that, as the items in one cart were being scanned and bagged, one of the women pushed a full cart of merchandise out of the store.

Then the other woman ran out after her. Police say a witness snapped some pictures on his smart phone, "which is always great when the suspects give us the old 'that wasn't me' speech," Police Chief Oliver said.

The women drove off but police tracked them to their home in Akron, and in conjunction with Akron police, found over $1,300 worth of stolen merchandise.

But there was another problem, police said. The women's house was infested with bed bugs and lice, "the double whammy of itchy," Oliver said.

Officers had to be decontaminated and the evidence was treated and triple-bagged. Police also decontaminated the women before they were given their orange jumpsuits.


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