Never-seen Cleveland police pursuit video

10:57 AM, Jan 4, 2013   |    comments
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Photo from the night of the police-involved shooting in which two people were killed.

CLEVELAND -- Channel 3 News has obtained recordings of that Nov. 29 police chase that ended with the shooting deaths of two unarmed suspects.

Many in the Cleveland community were astonished at the numbers in this pursuit -- 13 officers fired 137 bullets into the suspect car.

The city did not release the actual number of officers and police cars involved in the chase. The tape shows it though.

It is a scene like something out of a movie.

The video was recorded by five Regional Transit Authority cameras mounted above bus stops. They're at Eddy, Superior, Belmore, Windermere, and East 118th streets.

Suspects Malissa Williams, the passenger, and driver Timothy Russell led the chase. At the end both would be shot more than 20 times each in the head and chest by 11 officers.

Malissa was shot 24 times and Russell was shot 23 times.

The pursuing police were undercover, vice, detectives and street patrols. Sometimes the pursuit went at a high rate of speed beyond the posted limit. It's not clear from the tape exactly how fast.

It wound through narrow neighborhood streets, weaved through sometimes dense traffic. At each camera, the chase recorded not a dozen, not two dozen, but 51 police cars.

Police protocol is two cars, unless circumstances warrant more. Before seeing this video, critics called this chase a frenzy of out of control cops. These pictures will no doubt be used to prove their point.

The tapes were obtained through a source very close to the case.

These videos and others recordings along the pursuit route are being looked at by state investigators.

Attorney General Mike Dewine said last month he would not release such evidence. Instead, he would investigate the facts and present the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor with a full report but make no recommendations.


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