Browns fans ecstatic over season's 1st win

8:40 AM, Oct 15, 2012   |    comments
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CLEVELAND--  It's quite possible that no one was as excited about the Browns win as the fans. 

The fans have continued to stand by the team no matter what, and Sunday they finally saw the win they'd been waiting for.  Sunday's game felt like the start of something new for fans who exited the stadium roaring with excitement. 

Julianne Sadowski wasn't supposed to be at the game but ended up taking her brother's ticket.  It's a decision she's glad she made.  "Awesome! It's been since last season since we've seen one. I'm great, I'm happy," said Sadowski. 

Mary Markle has been a season ticket holder since 1980.  She says she's taken a little bit of abuse here and there from other football fans, but she wasn't giving up on her boys.  

"We have hung onto this team forever and this feels so, so good," said Markle. 

It was a game worth making for Stephanie Criter who flew in from Georgia.  Each year she flies to Cleveland to see one Browns game.  She's glad she was able to witness the game that ended their losing streak.  

"It feels incredible sort of like gambling but were on the winning side it was great," said Criter. 

Fans still pumped about this win shouted out their hopes of a shot at the Super bowl while others plan to take things one game at a time. 


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