Watch: Cedar Point's Space Spiral crashes down

8:14 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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SANDUSKY -- Boom! After a quick explosive blast at its massive base, it only took 17 seconds for the 330-foot tall Space Spiral to come crashing down at Cedar Point.

The iconic rotating ride came to its demise as the observation tower toppled over around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Photos: Cedar Point tears down Space Spiral

"Contractors first worked with park maintenance staff to cut into the base of the ride, weakening it," spokesperson Annie Zelm said in an e-mail. "Then a shaped charge was attached to precise points and approximately 10 pounds of explosives triggered the 330-foot tower to fall."

Video: A ride on Space Spiral

And it fell perfectly.

"Workers calculated precisely where the tower would land and dug a large hole into the fall zone to cushion the impact of the cabin area," Zelm said.

The ride's cabin was crushed as the tower slammed into the ground stirring up a brief swirl of smoke.

Photos: Remembering Cedar Point's Disaster Transport, Space Spiral

Space Spiral, which was in operation since 1965, officially closed back on August 14 to prepare for the demolition. Its removal was needed to make room for the new GateKeeper winged roller coaster, which is set to debut in May 2013.

The rotating ride lifted guests 285 feet above the Sandusky scream park, offering an expansive glimpse at the entire area, including a view of Lake Erie.

At its tip, Space Spiral was the tallest point in the park for decades until Top Thrill Dragster opened in 2003.

It was also one of the first sky-scraping rides guests would see when driving along the causeway into the park.

Throughout its life, Space Spiral gave nearly 34 million rides.

"New Heights In Fun!" was the ride's slogan when it first opened.

Photos: Cedar Point unveils GateKeeper coaster

But now, it's gone forever.

Space Spiral's death will be honored at this year's HalloWeekends as a portion of the ride will be placed in the Cedar Point ride graveyard alongside memories of other former attractions like the Rotor, Pirate Ride, Earthquake and Frontier Lift.

The ride graveyard is located on the main midway near the Raptor every Halloween season.

Photos: New Cedar Point HalloWeekends attractions

HalloWeekends screams to life this Friday with two new haunted attractions.

Crews at Cedar Point recently wrapped tearing down the Disaster Transport indoor roller coaster, also to make room for GateKeeper.

Photos: Disaster Transport's final ride

Disaster Transport closed on July 29 after giving more than 30 million rides throughout 28 years.

Photos: Disaster Transport's demolition at Cedar Point

Construction of GateKeeper, which will be the tallest and longest winged coaster in the world, will begin this fall.

Do you have a special memory of the Space Spiral and/or Disaster Tranpsort? If so, share your story by leaving a comment below.


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