Snow rollers spotted in NE Ohio

11:23 PM, Jan 30, 2012   |    comments
Snow roller captured by Kathleen Stucker in Seville, Ohio
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Snow rollers - they are a rare find for winter weather enthusiasts and form with a combination of an icy base layer covered by a loose wet snow and high wind.

Saturday's conditions proved perfect for forming snow rollers in Seville, a small town in southeastern Medina county.

They start as a small pebble or chunk of snow that is pushed forward by high winds.  The wind speeds are critical - too slow and the snow won't roll; too fast and the snow will be blown away.

The rollers grow with distance and they pick up more snow as the wind pushes them farther.  Eventually they are too large for the wind to continue to blow.

They are often cylindrical in shape and the rolled layers are easily visible.


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