Extreme couponers frustrate everyday savers

9:46 AM, Oct 7, 2011   |    comments
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CLEVELAND -- Giant Eagle has made some changes to its coupon policy both online and in local stores on Thursday.

Giant Eagle spokesperson Paula DePasquale says the changes serve as clarification to existing guidelines.

Here is an excerpt from Giant Eagle describing an example of some of the changes:

"As an example, Giant Eagle's updated coupon redemption policy restates an existing guideline about coupon limits, specifically that the permitted maximum of 12 coupons per same 12 items may be redeemed within a 24 hour period. Similarly, the advent of digital and other internet-generated coupons prompted a clarification of what is referred to as "coupon stacking," or the use of multiple manufacturer coupons on the same item. Per the existing conditions noted on most manufacturer coupons, stacking has always been prohibited for paper coupons, and today's communication adds that online coupons are equivalent to their paper counterparts.

These clarifications have no impact on Giant Eagle sales and promotions that are available without the use of a coupon, such as 10 for $10 items and similar offers. Giant Eagle continues to welcome customers to realize savings via its expansive coupon redemption practices, that include the doubling of manufacturer coupons up to $0.99, every day."

Target and Discount Drug Mart recently made changes to their policies as well.

Some families think it is the "extreme" couponers who are ruining the system for those who coupon to save a few dollars.

"A lot of stores now only let you use so many coupons per item, per transaction. They're not doubling coupons," said Julie Coleman, a mom of four children.

She keeps a small booklet of coupons and uses as necessary.  But she thinks updated store policies are due to the stockpiling some customers do when a good deal is advertised.

Coleman sometimes has to drive to four stores to find a couponed product in-stock.

"I think it's just making it harder on people trying to take care of their families," she said.


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